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Outdoor Dog Kennel Kits & Kennel Panels

Dog Kennel in Pickup TruckYou have a variety of options available if you would like to build an outdoor dog kennel. You can buy a kennel in a box kit or preassembled kennel panels. Heights vary from 4', 5' and 6' high.

If you need to transport several dogs at a time, like for a trip to the dog park, you might want to use a kennel in the back of your pick up truck. They are also great to have along when you go camping.

Keep in mind that dogs want to be with their family, not out in a kennel all the time.There are however many times you will find having a kennel very useful. When you have company, when you are doing yard work, when you have contractors over to make repairs, when you want to keep a friends dog while they are on vacation or in the hospital, when you need to isolate a sick dog from your other dogs. There are many reasons you may want to be able to put a dog in an outdoor kennel for a few hours.

Midwest Homes for Pets K9 Kennel Model 64-644
Quality, Chain-link kennels that are so easy to assemble, it'll take you less than 30 minutes...and you only need a pair of pliers! Includes a sunscreen top which provides 80% sunblock protection.

12.5 gauge chain link. 6 foot long x 4 foot wide x 4 foot tall dog kennel.


Midwest Outdoor Dog Kennel


Midwest Homes for Pets K9 Kennel Model 64-664
6 foot long by 6 foot wide by 4 foot high. Includes a sunscreen top which provides 80% sunblock protection.

6 foot tall dog kennels

Betty Mills offers free shipping on most of their dog kennel kits and dog kennel covers. They have a wide variety of sizes available up to 6 foot tall and 10 foot long. Click to view available kennels and prices.