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Tripod for Digital Camera

Dual Monitor Setup Saves Time

Dual Monitors

I have been running dual monitors since June 2001. If you are like me and have been through numerous computer upgrades over the years you probably have a spare monitor laying around. Why not put it to use! You will be amazed at what a time saver it is. I work with graphics programs and create web pages. With a dual monitor I can put the floating tool palettes from my graphics program on one monitor and have the graphic I am working on in front of me with no clutter. I can create web pages on the main screen and view them on the second. I can view instructions I receive by email on one screen and work on the other. If you use a spreadsheet program you can set it to spread across both screens so you don't have to constantly scroll back and forth. You will not have to be constantly minimizing and maximizing windows when working with several programs at one time. You will be amazed at what a time saver this is. Once you go dual you will never go back! Besides saving time, less mouse clicking means less problems with carpal tunnel & repetitive stress injuries.

Dual monitor cards are available for about $100.00 and up. It is beyond me why any pc is sold with a single monitor card installed. Anyone that would try dual would never go back to a single monitor. A multi tasking operating system needs multiple monitors! Get with it PC manufacturers and make dual monitor cards the default!

External Dual Monitor CardCheck out the Media Link external video card. This device plugs into your usb port and allows you to add another montior without having to open your case. Click for details

I use a dual head card but you can also run a second monitor by adding a second graphics card along with your existing graphics card. Win98se, Windows 2000, Windows ME and Win XP all have the ability to run dual monitors. You may have a video card in an old computer that you would like to put to use.

You need to know what interface your video card uses. An older computer may have a PCI slot. After PCI the AGP connector was developed and the newest type slot is the PCI Express.

If you aren't sure what type of card or slot you currently have you may need to pull the card and look at it before you order a card. If it is not marked on the card you can do a search on Google images to see what the different interfaces look like. A PCI Express card will not fit in a PCI slot, the PCI Express slot is different.

Dual Display GSMRunning Multiple Monitors just got easier! Matrox Dual Head 2 Go and Matrox TripleHead2Go are small external devices you can fit in the palm of your hand. Plug the GXM (graphics expansion module) into your existing video card on your desktop or laptop to enjoy the advantages of multimonitor display.

MultiMonitor Madness
Check out the Matrox Website for Dual Monitor Cards

Dual Monitor Cards

Dell Precision Workstations are available with dual monitor cards, I am currently running a Dell Prec

VisionTek ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB GDDR5 PCI Express Graphics Card


MATROX GRAPHICS : G450 DualHead PCI, 32MB - This is the dual monitor card I am currently running in my Dell.

EVGA 01G-P3-N959TR GeForce 9500 GT 1GB DDR2 PCI-Express 2.0 Graphics Card


Vist the Matrox web site to learn more about their dual head multi monitor video cards.

DVI to VGA Adapter icon
Connect to the DVI connector on your graphics card so you can use your old CRT monitor with a standard VGA connector.

DVI to VGA Adapter from Amazon


Need a new or refurbished monitor at a great price? Tiger Direct has The Best Monitor Deals on the Web Today

If you want to buy a LCD monitor you might want to click here and learn a little about contrast ratios, response rates & ghosting so you can compare monitors and make a better choice.

Dual Monitor Install Help
Multiple Monitor Overview
Hardware Requirements for Multiple Display in Win98
Realtime Soft Multi Monitor Guide
Dual Monitor Stands

DoubleSight Dual Monitor

A new LCD dual monitor is available from DoubleSight. This monitor still requires a dual head card or 2 seperate video cards but can save you a lot of deskspace. Reviews I have read say this is a great time saving monitor for general business use. DoubleSight monitors are available from Dell Computer

Gorillapod - The lightweight, flexible, wrap around, go anywhere tripod for your digital camera. Available in 3 sizes for small digital cameras, video cameras or even your hefty slr camera.

Gorilla Pod SLR Camera Tripod
Digital Camera Tripod



Speed Up Your Computer

Adding RAM is the most cost effective way to boost your computer's performance When your computer runs out of RAM the hard drive starts running. Watch the light on your hard drive and listen to your computer. If the hard drive is constantly running, adding memory will make a big difference.

Crucial Technology not only has great prices they have a Memory Selector that will help you determine the correct memory module for your particular PC.


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